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Frequently asked questions

Is Snagit the same as Snipping Tool

While both take screen captures, Snagit also lets you mark up your screenshots with arrows, callouts, and numbers, and combine them all into one, organized piece of content.

What’s better than the Snipping Tool?

If you need more than just screenshots, there are many better options than the Snipping Tool. Snagit is a professional-level tool that gives you a lot of good options to create high-quality how-to content.

Is there a free version of Snagit?

While Snagit doesn’t have a completely free option, it does come with a free, full-featured trial to get you started.

How much does Snagit cost?

A single license of Snagit costs $49.95. TechSmith also offers volume discounts, as well as discounts for educational and government licenses.

You want to create quick (and professional-looking) training guides, user manuals, job aids, or other explanations

This is where things get pretty awesome if you use Snagit rather than the Snipping Tool. 

Snagit is essentially your one-stop-shop for creating quick how-to content. You can easily capture any process from your computer screen, mark up your screenshots with arrows, callouts, and numbers, and combine them all into one, organized piece of content.

It’s the perfect way to create visual step-by-step instructions, how-to guides, user documentation, and more.

There you go. Five reasons you should choose Snagit over the Snipping Tool. 

If all you need to do is take screenshots, the Snipping Tool might work out just fine for you.

But if you’re a busy professional who needs high-quality screenshots, recordings, or GIFs to explain a process, we’d love for you to give Snagit a try.

New features in Snagit 2020


Snagit 2020 comes complete with a wide array of pre-made layouts to help you share technical knowledge at a glance in a way that looks clean and professional. That means it’s easier than ever to create content. Just choose your template and go. Templates take the guess work out of creating eye-catching designs because we worked with a graphic design professional to create layouts that look like they came right out of a design studio.

Create Video from Images

Snagit has always been the perfect tool for quick and easy screen recordings, but what if you want to create video from a series of screenshots? Snagit 2020 lets you do just that with Create Video from Images. Now, instead of having to record your screen and narrate while you work through a series of steps, you can now talk and draw over a series of screenshots without the pressure of having to get it perfect every time. And there’s a ton of flexibility, too. Want to record your webcam while you narrate? You can do that. Want to record the mouse cursor? You can do that, too.

TechSmith Assets for Snagit

Imagine having access to a huge library of images and other visual assets that you can use whenever and wherever you need to. With TechSmith Assets for Snagit, that’s exactly what you get. Boost the clarity and visual appeal of your informational and instructional content with thousands of visuals, including stamps, stock photos, and even more. And, it’s all royalty-free, which means you can use them in as many Snagit projects as you want. And you can use them outside of Snagit, as well. All this for an annual fee of just $49.

Share to Box and Slack

Snagit 2020 makes it even easier to share knowledge, especially in corporate environments. In addition to our already huge array of sharing options, we’ve added sharing direct to popular collaboration platforms Box and Slack.

Snagit Certification

Our new Snagit Certification — available to anyone who purchases Snagit Maintenance — means you have exclusive access to a new way to learn all of Snagit’s most useful and advanced features. And, when you’re done, you’ll be an officially certified Snagit expert. Snagit Maintenance costs just $12.49 per year. In addition to the Snagit certification program, you can be sure you’re always on the most up-to-date version of Snagit, so you can take advantage of any new features, bug fixes, and enhancements as they happen. Plus, when you purchase Snagit Maintenance, you are guaranteed to get an upgrade to Snagit 2021.

TechSmith Snagit 2019 is available today at for Windows and Mac for $49.99. Users with previous versions of Snagit can upgrade for $24.49.

Images and screenshots: Do you want to capture, create, or edit images?

If you want to work with images, go with Snagit. Camtasia really only does video.What can Snagit do with images? Not only can you grab pretty much any type of screenshot – a region, window, and full-screen (and easily adjust margins as you go), Snagit also lets you capture what extends beyond your screen.

Capture content that scrolls up and down, including seemingly infinitely-scrolling webpages, and panoramic content that extends beyond your screen—up, down, and side-to-side. This is priceless when you’re trying to capture online maps, interestingly-shaped images, and nested tables commonly seen in programs like Excel.

If you want to create and work with images, Snagit is a clear choice.

Most importantly, Snagit makes it easy to edit screenshots the way you want. Add your own notes and comments with callouts, or type directly on the capture. Point things out with arrows and stamps. Blur your screenshot or simplify things you don’t want people to see. Resize, adjust colors, and crop your image to the right size. Or, create images from scratch with shapes, lines, and more.

You can even move things around in your capture and edit or replace text with OCR.

With so many image editing features, some people just get Snagit for that.  But since it has both image capture and editing, it’s easy to capture and create great-looking, consistently-themed images, and share to popular destinations. When deciding between Snagit vs Camtasia, people tend to choose Snagit for making images for documentation, creating elearning materials, creating written tutorials, and similar tasks.


Быстрая панель инструментов может увеличить скорость захвата, используя последний примененный метод захвата или позволяя быстро изменить метод с помощью меню параметров.

В нем есть окно предварительного просмотра, в котором отображается увеличенное изображение того, на что наведен курсор , и средство создания каталога веб-страниц . В окне предварительного просмотра можно быстро собрать все снимки экрана и создать веб-страницу.

Программное обеспечение поддерживает различные форматы выбора, включая многофункциональное устройство, полноэкранный режим, копирование в буфер обмена, веб-страницу в виде PDF-файла со ссылками, копирование текста в буфер обмена, произвольное использование и меню с задержкой по времени. Инструмент захвата имеет пакетный конвертер, который позволяет изменять одновременно большое количество файлов.

Программное обеспечение может автоматически перемещать снимки экрана в раздел «Редактировать» после того, как они были сняты, где они могут быть изменены, аннотированы или заданы специальные эффекты.

VMware Workstation 12 Pro 12.1.1 build 3770994 [2016, Эмулятор операционной системы]

Год выпуска: 2016Жанр: Эмулятор операционной системыРазработчик: VMwareСайт разработчика:Язык интерфейса: Русский, АнглийскийТип сборки: RePack-by qazwsxeРазрядность: 64-bitОперационная система: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Системные требования: Standard x64compatible personal computer. 1.3GHz or faster CPU minimum. An AMD CPU that has segment-limit support in long mode An Intel CPU that has VT-x supportОписание: VMware Workstation — популярная программа для создания нескольких виртуальных компьютеров в одной системе. Предназначена в первую очеред …

Программы / Системные приложения / Разное (Виртуальные машины, WPI и др.)

You need more than basic screenshots

If you just need a basic screenshot every once in a while, the Snipping Tool will probably serve you just fine. However, if you use screenshots as part of your daily routine, it’s worth upgrading to a better tool.  

With Snagit, you’ll get advanced screen capture features like:

  • Panoramic screen capture (for scrolling windows and long web pages)
  • Screen recording (for quick and disposable how-to videos)
  • Animated GIF from a video (for quickly showing a process)

Snagit is flexible enough to grow with you and your work. According to research from TechSmith, 79 percent of employees believe that using screenshots or video would improve their business and 48 percent of employees consider video the most engaging form of communication. 

Check out the entire infographic

The best part about Snagit is that it allows you to create both images and videos, while the Snipping Tool only allows for images.

You can grab pretty much any type of screenshot with Snagit – you can grab a region, window, and full-screen on Windows and Mac. But what really sets it apart is the markup and annotation functionality (more on that later).

What do you want to do?

Another way to decide between Snagit vs Camtasia is by what you want to accomplish, and how quickly.  Again, if you want to capture images and edit them, Snagit is the clear choice. But since both Snagit and Camtasia do video capturing, here are some differences in how people use each product, to help you choose.

People often choose Camtasia for videos that have a longer shelf life.

People typically say they love Snagit for quick, spontaneous, videos with a relatively short shelf life. Use cases include to:

  • Create a quick video to show a colleague something
  • Make one-take videos that walk-through how to do things
  • Record your screen to share information
  • Capture screen footage of IT-related issues
  • Send a personalized message or feedback to someone (aka video voicemail)
  • Import video to trim out sections of the beginning, middle or end
  • Or any other video that needs minimal editing and features

Using screenshots and images is much faster than verbally trying to describe things, explains Joshua Ho, CEO of Referral Rock. “Snagit makes communication with visuals a thousand times easier.”

On the other hand, people choose Camtasia for videos that are planned, scripted, and have a longer shelf-life for a larger audience. Popular types of videos include:

  • Tutorials, demos, and how-to videos for training
  • YouTube videos, and other marketing content, including for social media
  • Engaging video lessons for online and blended learning
  • Accessible videos with captions for silent viewing
  • Rich videos with music, system sounds, and backgrounds
  • Interactive videos with quizzing and clickable links

While either tool can help you create and edit useful videos, the purpose of your project will help you decide which solution is right for you.

Both Snagit and Camtasia are valuable tools

Since they do different things, Snagit and Camtasia are both valuable tools to have on your desktop. Both work on Windows and Mac and have a host of sharing options like Screencast, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, YouTube, and more.

Both Snagit and Camtasia are great to have in your tool set

When you want to share an effective screenshot, Snagit is the quick and easy way to communicate information. When you want to create an effective tutorial video, Camtasia is a great choice.  Even people who have never made a video before can learn to use Camtasia, so having it for everyone lets them use their new skill set on an as-needed basis.

When you want to share information, it’s important to have the right tools in your toolbox when you need them. Whether you choose Snagit, Camtasia, or both, having quality screen capture solutions will help you share knowledge and save time. Want to try these tools to see how they work for you? Get a free trial of Snagit and Camtasia.

Is price a consideration?

Ultimately you want the best tool for the job. Choose a screen capture tool based on your project goals, not based on price.  

That being said, there is a price difference. Snagit is less expensive at $49.95, with Camtasia the more expensive option at $249. If you want to create engaging videos, though, the cost of Camtasia is well worth it.

There are non-profit and education discounts, along with volume discounts and enterprise pricing that can help you get these tools for your team or company.  When choosing between Snagit vs Camtasia, if you can only provide one screen capture tool for everyone (regardless of project goals), Snagit is a good way to go. It will give your organization image capture and editing plus basic video creation and trimming, with a low learning curve to start seeing increased productivity right away. You can always get Camtasia for a subset of employees who need to create training, demo, and other videos.

Videos and screen recordings: Do you need a basic or fancy video?

For no-frills video, Snagit’s your best bet. You can easily record video of your screen toggle between your screen and webcam, and trim out what you don’t want from the beginning, middle or end. That’s pretty much all you can do with Snagit video editing (although you can also make an animated GIF from any short video clip, and take still frames from a video).

If you want to create or edit fancier videos, Camtasia is the one to choose.

With simple video recording and basic video editing options, Snagit has a low learning curve, so it’s easy to make a complete video from start to finish in just a few clicks.

For more polished video, choose Camtasia. It offers the whole toolbox of video creation and editing tools—cuts, splicing, animations, spotlights, keystrokes, callouts, zooms, transitions, backgrounds, music, sound effects, and picture-in-picture webcam. Make videos interactive with quizzing and hotspots.

If you need accessibility, Camtasia offers captioning, not only great for ADA compliance but also handy when you want to give people the option of viewing your content with the sound turned ‘off’ on social media. The learning curve is a bit higher with Camtasia, but well worth it (and still much easier to learn than some other powerful video programs on the market).

Whether you go with Snagit or Camtasia for video creation and editing, making videos yourself saves you time and money.  When you hire an outside company, the average cost for a 60-second explainer video is $7,972​ and takes around five and a half weeks to complete.

In contrast, you can make and share your own videos for a fraction of the price, on a much faster timeline. Lindy Belley, Marketing Coordinator at Integrity Data, explains how her department is able to save resources by making videos in-house: “I know if I have to turn something out quickly, I can pull it into Camtasia and make all of my changes within minutes,” said Lindy. “I don’t know that I could have done that with any other video production tool.”

Критический прием

TopTen Reviews оценил программное обеспечение на 4/4 во всех категориях — это наивысший балл из 10 рассмотренных сопоставимых пакетов. В обзоре подчеркивается качество захвата, простота использования и поддержки. CNET оценил программное обеспечение на 8/10, отметив возможность делать снимки экрана целых веб-страниц, но указала на недостатки, включая плохой мастер и меньшее количество форматов выходных файлов, чем у конкурентов. также очень позитивен, присуждая 5/5 и указывая на простоту использования, всеобъемлющие функции и несколько представлений, но они заявили, что ввод текста в редакторе Snagit выполняется медленно, отстает по мере ввода текста в поле редактирования. . Журнал PC дал Snagit 12 оценку «Отлично» (4,5 из 5) и награду «Выбор редакции».

Редактор Snagit

Редактор — это базовая программа для редактирования изображений, доступная в базовой версии. Его можно использовать для внесения простых изменений в снимки экрана, включая добавление стрелок, размытие участков или обрезку . Другие функции включают добавление новых изображений, называемых «штампами», на снимки экрана, изменение перспективы просмотра снимков экрана, добавление аннотаций, использование инструмента «пипетка» для определения значений RGB любого цвета и другие инструменты для улучшения общего вида снимков экрана. Редактор использует Microsoft «s Fluent Ribbon UI.

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